Three Easy Interior Design Tips

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Interior Design

In her free time, Valerie Varnuska of Westbury, NY, enjoys pursuing her many and varied hobbies. One of Valerie Varnuska’s interests is interior design.

Designing or redesigning the interior of your home can be a fun but intimidating job since many of your choices will have to last for years. The following three tips will help make your next interior design job a bit easier, whether you are redecorating one room or the entire house.

1. Hang a mirror on the correct wall. Mirrors reflect light, which can make your room brighter. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a window will reflect the light right back outside. Instead, place mirrors perpendicular to windows to help reflected light fill the room.

2. Use slip covers. A slip cover can make any sofa or chair match the color scheme of your room. By using slip covers, you won’t have to purchase new furniture, which saves you money. The covers also protect your furniture from dirt and stains.

3. Choose the paint last. With the plethora of paint colors available, choosing the color palette for your room can be difficult if the room hasn’t already been decorated. Once you know the furniture and accessories the room will contain, choosing an appropriate wall color will be much easier.


Color Choices for Small Spaces

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Color Choices

Valerie Varnuska of Westbury, NY, pursues a wide variety of creative activities. Interested in interior design, Valerie Varnuska draws on an understanding of color and its use in enhancing a space.

Although many people believe white to be the fail-safe way of making a small space look larger, designers find that bold color is significantly more effective. A collection of sharp, strategically placed hues can open the space significantly and create a sense of clarity. Similarly, a single darker wall can create depth and expand the space, particularly if the other walls are painted in a lighter coordinating color.

Some designers find that painting the ceiling a darker color and continuing that color down the wall a bit more than a foot can make the space appear larger. A similar though contrasting technique is to paint the ceiling in a lighter shade to create a feeling of height.

Individuals who are decorating small spaces that have more than one room can use a single color scheme to encourage a feeling of expansiveness. Accent colors throughout the space likewise have a unifying effect, as does the use of a single black item to create a sense of contrast.