The RoboCup Initiative’s Dream

RoboCup Initiative’s Dream pic

RoboCup Initiative’s Dream

A resident of Westbury, NY, Valerie Varnuska enjoys a range of activities, including robotics. In particular, Valerie Varnuska loves to see the advances made in robotics and finds the fact that some robots can walk fascinating. Further, she enjoys robotics competitions, such as the annual RoboCup Initiative, which aims to further scientific work in robotics and artificial intelligence.

The RoboCup Initiative’s dream is to create robots capable of competing with athletes at an elite level. In particular, it points to how it took just 50 years of development to move from the creation of the first digital computer to the creation of Deep Blue, the first computer to beat a chess Grandmaster.

With that same 50-year time frame in mind, RoboCup has a dream of advancing robotics to the point where a fully autonomous team of humanoid robot soccer players can win a game of soccer against the most recent FIFA World Cup-winning team. It believes that, with a concerted effort by the scientific community, this goal could be achieved midway through the 21st century.


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