Star Walk Makes Stargazing Easy

Star Walk pic

Star Walk

An inquisitive Westbury, NY, resident, Valerie Varnuska professes diverse interests that include music, art, and astronomy. One of Valerie Varnuska’s favorite things to do is stargazing.

The mobile app Star Walk can make this easy. Available for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Windows 10, or Android, Star Walk allows you to identify stars and planets by simply pointing your phone into the sky. Utilizing your device’s internal sensors, the app brings up a map which allows you to learn about 200,000 stars, planets, satellites, and constellations. With the Time Machine feature, you can even explore night skies of tomorrow as well as years ago.

The app’s night mode darkens everything and changes bright colors to a deep red, making it easier to see when it’s pitch black out. Visual magnitude can also be adjusted so that your phone is able to highlight even the most distant stars that might not be visible to the naked eye.


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