Dusty 2.0 Sweeps Honors in Orlando Robotics Competition

Dusty 2.0 pic

Dusty 2.0
Image: news.siu.edu

A lifelong learner and proponent of science, Valerie Varnuska resides in Westbury, NY. Her varied interests include mechanical inventions, and especially robotics. Accordingly, Valerie Varnuska enjoys following robotics competitions and learning about the newest robots humankind has developed.

A small, unassuming robot known as Dusty 2.0 recently made quite the stir at the national robotics competition of The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering in Orlando. Built by a team from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Dusty 2.0 won more than half of the points available in the entire competition.

In the competition, robots were expected to complete complex tasks both with and without human assistance. Dusty 2.0 performed exceptionally well in the head-to-head competition and also excelled in a challenge that required it to retrieve small puzzle pieces. Dusty’s team took first place across the board, winning audience favorite, best technical presentation, best poster, best electronic control methodology, and best fabrication.


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