Three of 2016’s Best New Inventions

Wynd pic


Westbury, NY, resident Valerie Varnuska spends much of her time learning about science and technology. Valerie Varnuska is particularly interested in the mechanical marvels that humans create and enjoys reading up on new inventions.

Each year, TIME compiles a list of the 25 greatest new inventions humankind has produced. They represent the best new science and the greatest problem solving that human ingenuity has to offer. Three such marvels are discussed below.

1. Wynd, the affordable personal air purifier. No larger than a water bottle, this portable purifier removes pollutants from the air in a small area. It creates a small pocket of clean air and can even eliminate pollutants that contribute to cancer and other maladies.

2. The UNICEF Kid Power Band. This stylish step-counting bracelet encourages children to remain active and meet specific fitness goals. Kids earn points when they meet their fitness goals, then use those points to send food packages to children in need around the world. So far, users have logged 7 million miles, allowing them to feed more than 30,000 malnourished children.

3. IKO, the prosthetic device that doubles as a toy. Fully functional as a utilitarian device, this high-quality prosthetic arm is also compatible with Lego and Mindstorm products. Children can remove the hand module and replace it with toys or mobility devices of their own, all powered by the prosthetic base unit.


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