Color Choices for Small Spaces

Color Choices pic

Color Choices

Valerie Varnuska of Westbury, NY, pursues a wide variety of creative activities. Interested in interior design, Valerie Varnuska draws on an understanding of color and its use in enhancing a space.

Although many people believe white to be the fail-safe way of making a small space look larger, designers find that bold color is significantly more effective. A collection of sharp, strategically placed hues can open the space significantly and create a sense of clarity. Similarly, a single darker wall can create depth and expand the space, particularly if the other walls are painted in a lighter coordinating color.

Some designers find that painting the ceiling a darker color and continuing that color down the wall a bit more than a foot can make the space appear larger. A similar though contrasting technique is to paint the ceiling in a lighter shade to create a feeling of height.

Individuals who are decorating small spaces that have more than one room can use a single color scheme to encourage a feeling of expansiveness. Accent colors throughout the space likewise have a unifying effect, as does the use of a single black item to create a sense of contrast.


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