The BeBionic Robotic Hand

BeBionic Robotic Hand pic

BeBionic Robotic Hand

Based in Westbury, NY, Valerie Varnuska has an interest in both the wonders of nature and the inventions of mankind. Valerie Varnuska enjoys reading about advancements in robotic technology, including the robotic hand.

One such robotic hand has become known as the most realistic appliance of its kind. Dubbed bebionic, this technology hails from prosthetic and assistive mechanics developer Steeper. In its innovative design, the firm aimed to provide its clients with a device that was both comfortable and highly functional. As a result, the bebionic hand comes fully-equipped with a number of features, including microprocessors that enhance the wearer’s control, an auto grip ability, and finger motors that facilitate a more natural grip. Along with a variety of wrist and hand positions, these capabilities make the device versatile and dynamic.

Steeper offers its bebionic hands in both small and large variations, which enables wearers to select the size that would best suit them. Those who wish to make their devices appear more lifelike may opt for a prosthetic skin, which slips on like a glove and comes in nearly 20 skin tones. Once in use, bebionic can connect with wireless programming software that aids with device configuration and management.


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